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Patti's Corner Of Main Street

Patti O'Halloran's take on Main Street Apopka

Find her on Facebook, Instagram, and The Nextdoor App @pattiohalloran

Or contact her directly by emailing:

"Main Street Apopka," three words that I'm hearing about everywhere I go in Apopka. It peaked my curiosity so I decided to learn more. What I'm finding is interesting, informative, exciting and challenging. I'm interested because Apopka is my hometown and I want it to become everything it has the potential to be!

Information is the key so I've been attending committee meetings, meeting the members and listening to what their plans are. It's exciting to me because I've just lately discovered the plethora of artistic talent in Apopka and as the city grow, so does the potential for local artists to display and sell their artwork.

It's challenging because there's lots to be done and MSA is going to need volunteers to accomplish this. I've been posting about what I'm learning on my social media platforms and to make it official, I have joined the MSA team and begun the creation of this Blog.

I am very excited to be sitting front row, center ice, observing and sharing my observations with you, so stay tuned as I introduce you to myself, the staff, the MSA members and what they bring to the table to further MSA's mission. The first introduction is about me. I hope you don't mind!

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