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The Design Committee

Responsible for developing commercial/residential district planning and design, building rehabilitation and preservation, facade, landscape, streetscapes, signage, and infrastructure improvements, and creating design guidelines where applicable.

Examples of Activities:

Working with the city's council, city staff, stakeholders, and the historic preservation society to align work-plans goals, and objectives, work with local organizations to help meet the needs of business owners and residents as it pertains to the part of our population who are homeless, participate as a task force or technical resource to aid the city's planning commission, etc.

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The Promotion Committee -

Responsible for developing marketing material for the district, developing community rapport, placemaking through small promotional events highlighting an individual or a cluster of retail businesses, planning and executing one or two large special events to promote the MSA program.

Examples of Activities:

Creating logos, tag-lines, event flyers, and other marketing materials, meeting with business owners/residents to discuss district needs/wants, organizing pop-up events, shopping events, bar/pup crawls, The Apopka Dog Mayor, markets, food truck events, community potlucks, street parties, live art demonstrations, etc.

Charity Volunteers


The Organization Committee -

Responsible for assisting in raising money and developing fundraising events , recruiting and supervising volunteers, promoting the program on site/neighborhood visits with the Executive Director and the Promotion Committee, and helping to manage the finances.

Examples of Activity:

Developing fundraising campaigns, assessment of property and business owners for public improvements or management over the district, presentations to clubs, groups, neighborhoods etc., developing a public relations/media package, etc.



The Economic Vitality Committee

Responsible for identifying opportunities in our trade area for market growth, strengthening existing businesses and recruiting new ones, finding new economic uses for historical buildings, and developing financial incentives and capital for building rehab and business development.

Example of Activities:

Working with the city's planning and zoning commissions to revise the community's comprehensive plan to offer a streamline approach to permits, inspections, etc., coordinating with regional development groups, recruitment of "home-based cottage industries," developing a matching grant pool, etc.

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