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 Downtown   Apopka 

The Mission


Main Street Apopka is a revitalization program dedicated to building a strong economic foundation for downtown Apopka's business district through historic preservation, engaging partnerships, and empowering our people. Our vision is for downtown to become the first choice for food, entertainment, and shopping in the greater Apopka area.

What does this mean? Through the teamwork of a dedicated Board of Directors, staff, advisors, committees, volunteers and businesses, the look, feel, and quality of downtown Apopka will transform to a place where residents and visitors will want to live, work and play.


By focusing on the needs of Apopka's small business owners and the surrounding community members, our comprehensive work plan focuses on restoring and revitalizing downtown's Economic Vitality, Design, Promotion, and Organization. Through a deliberate series of activities and events, driven by market research, community surveys, and relationship building, these activities may include conspicuous improvements like landscape and building clean-ups/restorations, facade updates/upgrades, additional lighting/sidewalks/other safety features, historic buildings/site restoration, murals, green-space construction, etc; and inconspicuous improvements through educational seminars, workshops, online promotional marketing, new business recruitment/placement, etc; all the way to placemaking and promotional events like pop-up art demonstrations, street parties, shopping events, and so much more!

Check out Main Street America's website to learn more about the Main Street Approach and see how other communities have put it in action!

Our Committees At Work

The Main Street Apopka team has four committees, which work hard to provide a sustainable program, develop special events, strengthen and stimulate the downtown economy, and design safe and beautiful spaces within our city. Click on each picture to learn more.

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Charity Volunteers
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Want To Get Involved?

Click button to join our roster of volunteers! When you get to the next page, scroll all the way to the bottom and find the online application.

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